Saturday, 30 July 2016

10 things I love about Summer

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We are now well into the Summer, a time of year I associate with freedom, amazing memories and long days. Even despite its annoyances, such as mosquitos (and other insects), sometimes unbearable heat and sunburn, I always look forward to Summer- it's a season full of life with many fun opportunities.

Below are the 10 things that I look forward to every Summer, and of course- why!
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  1.  Long Days- Summer is a time when there's daylight at 4am, and it's still light outside at 8pm. This means that there's more time to get things done while it's still light- spending the warm evenings outside, where it's pleasantly cool and not unbearably hot like during the day, or perhaps taking a walk while admiring the sunset. The days are bright and lively and everything is bathed in sunlight from the early hours of the morning and even throughout the majority of the evening.
  2. Ice-cream- Yes, technically you can eat ice-cream during the winter, but it's just so much better in the summer! To me, one of the best feelings is eating some cold ice-cream on a hot day. It's not only refreshing- there are so many types and flavours! From bubblegum to strawberry, I love trying out different flavours of ice-cream, while cooling down at the same time. There is an amazing ice-cream shop in my city, it is very small but the ice-cream there is delicious! It comes in only one flavour, but chocolate sauce is also available and it's heavenly!
  3. Summer Clothes- Don't get me wrong- I love winter clothes, but it's nice in the summer to not have to bundle up in layers of coats and scarves and jumpers. In the summer, shorts and a shirt or a sundress are not only stylish, but are needed to keep cool. In the summer, I can wear my favourite skirts, dresses and shirts that are made for the warmer weather, which is always a good thing!
  4. Smoothies- Smoothies are also another thing I associate with summer. Not only refreshing and tasty, but they are also usually very healthy! The best thing about smoothies is that you can be as creative as you want with them. Mix your favourite fruits, perhaps add in some vegetables or whatever you want to add. The best thing is that a lot of delicious fruits are in season during the Summer, such as strawberries and blueberries. My favourite smoothies are green tea and strawberry smoothies, and the best thing? Smoothies are easy to make! I also love other summer drinks- Green Tea Latte, Starbucks Frappuccinos, iced tea! 
  5. Swimming- Sure, you can go to a pool anytime, be it December or July. Summer, however, is the season for outdoor pools! Nothing beats cooling down in a pool on a hot day, where I feel happy and carefree. Sometimes it even feels like a surreal escape from reality, because there's no time to worry when there's a large water slide right there! A visit to the swimming pool can be relaxing and exciting, which makes it one of the highlights of summer.
  6. Freedom- Summer is the time when I lose track of time, not knowing what day it is. It is a time of freedom, allowing me to dedicate more time to my interests, or perhaps start something new. Having a lot of time on my hands means more opportunities to travel, to make incredible memories. 
  7. Picnics- Picnics are a lot of fun to have every once in a while! Just get a picnic blanket, a cooler with some delicious food, find a nice grassy spot and have a relaxing meal in the company of friends and family. They are a great opportunity to both unwind and enjoy the warm weather.
  8. Nature- Every season is characteristic in terms of nature. I love summer nature- from the hydrangeas in June and July, to the strawberries, linden blossoms and vibrant weeping willow. Summer is a season where nature is vibrant and lively- vivid green trees, the sound of crickets at night, beautiful dragonflies. 
  9. Summer Sports- Since the weather is so fine, it's the perfect opportunity to play some summer sports! My favourite is badminton, which I have fond memories of playing. A few years ago I used to go to the front yard with my sister soon after I woke up, and we spent a large portion of the day playing badminton with our neighbours. I still enjoy playing it, but there are many other summer sports, such as volleyball!
  10. Summer Evenings- Finally, I also absolutely love summer evenings! This was mentioned in the first point, but the warm and pleasant evenings are hard to beat. Watching the sunset from a nearby hill is an amazing experience, and I also love sleeping outside when the nights are warm. I live in an apartment and there is a nice terrace, where I can bring out my mattress and sleep outside during summer nights. 
That's it for my list of things that I love about summer! What about you? What's your favourite thing about summer, and why? On the contrary, what annoys you the most about summer? Let me know by leaving a comment!

 Have a lovely day!

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