Monday, 29 August 2016

Back To School: Supplies, Kawaii Edition!

Hello! ♡
It's hard to believe that Summer is ending, but here we are- school is starting up again. Shopping for school supplies is oddly satisfying- all those cute, new notebooks and pens make me feel happier about the start of school. I finally have all my school supplies ready, so I can make a post about them! If you haven't finished shopping for school yet, hopefully this post will be a source of inspiration.
Since I love kawaii things, I bought as many cute things as possible, and here they are!

I really love my school bag this year... I wanted to use my adorable pastel blue shoulder bag, but I figured it wouldn't be too comfortable, so I got a backpack.
On the zip of the backpack I attached a silver heart-shaped keyring with my name on it, it's super adorable and makes the bag feel more personal. There's also lots of space for all my things, and useful pockets. I use the front pocket for personal things and emergency items (more on that later!) and the inside is for my books, pencil case and other things. I think the bag is really cute, with the pastel blue and the combination of flowers and polka dots.
Pencil case
I absolutely love my pencil case... it's really adorable, and reminds me of Angelic Pretty's Romantic Rose Letter print in sax blue. It has lots of space for all my things, and even has a little mirror on the inside, a very useful feature. The pencil case is cute and elegant at the same time, and has four pockets. I bought this from WHSmith, but that was last year and I'm not sure if it's still available. There is also a version with a black background. 
So, what's in my pencil case? In the largest pocket, I keep my coloured pencils, as well as my sharpeners, erasers, highlighters, fineliners, correction fluid, glue and USB stick.

My set of coloured pencils ^^ They're very useful, and in all the colours I need. 

Fineliners! They're great for making notes attractive and colourful. 

Yes, my sharpener has to be cute. It's an adorable heart shape, with an even cuter eraser with it. 

My USB stick! Really, it's not that special, but it's a very pretty pastel blue so I thought I'd include a picture.

Cute erasers! I bought the strawberry eraser at WHSmith, then there's a plain eraser, and then an Iwako eraser I bought at Empik (though I also saw them at WHSmith) which is way too cute to use, but it's in my pencil case because it's so pretty! 

Highlighters! I got them as a gift and I absolutely love them, because they're pandas! I have three other colours too, but I put those away for future use. Highlighters are great for studying- they help me a lot and make my notes brighter. 

In the mesh pockets, I keep my scissors and geometry set for Maths- ruler, set squares, protractor and compass, with a small pencil. I found a pink ruler, scissors and compass, to make it all a little cuter ^^

Next- pens! I got three pens at Hyper Japan, and one pen I bought at a grocery store, because I couldn't resist the cuteness ^^ My favourite pen is the Hello Kitty pen, but I love them all. I also bought two HB pencils. The strawberry milk pen has erasable pink, which is very useful, and the Kokeshi pen is super adorable!

Emergency Kit
In the front pocket of my bag, I keep my emergency kit and personal items. My emergency kit consists of a nail file, perfume, lip gloss, hair clips and ties, tissues, feminine hygiene products, mints, painkillers, lip balm, compact mirror (which comes with a hairbrush which is good for touch-ups throughout the day), hand sanitizer, q-tips, small roll-on deodorant, sunscreen and plasters. Those are things I always carry with me, because I never know if I will get a cut (especially since I can be quite clumsy!) or a huge stomach pain. Practical items that I don't always carry with me include sunscreen and an umbrella. 

The smallest items of my emergency kit are in a small plastic bag so I don't lose them. I don't really have many make-up items in my bag because I generally wear very light make-up to school, and I found that it doesn't really need any touching up throughout the day, so I just take lip gloss and lip balm with me.

Exercise books
I visited several different stores to buy exercise books for school, and thankfully there were plenty of cute ones! Cute exercise books make lessons more enjoyable and are a great way to express yourself. Here are the ones I have:
Some floral patterns, and a nice quote to keep me happy during lessons ^^
Pretty pastels! The one on the right says "good morning beautiful", I think it's a good way to keep my spirits raised, plus it's very, very pretty!
And... lots of rainbows! I love rainbows, so having two rainbow notebooks will surely keep me happy ^^
An elegant rose pattern, and a cute polka dot pattern! I love polka dots, so of course I needed to have a polka dot exercise book.
Don't you agree with those statements? As a lover of both tea and cupcakes, those exercise books are perfect for me, plus... polka dots!
Finally, an adorable exercise book with pretty pastels and a nice overall aesthetic. 

To keep track of tests, quizzes, essays and so forth, I bought an adorable planner with a cover that is cute and girly. It's an academic calendar, with some useful information and space for my timetable, and plenty of space for notes. It's perfect to keep organised during the school year! 


My calculator has to be cute, too! It's a pretty pastel pink, and it's nice to look at so it makes maths more enjoyable. 

Finally, a folder! Sadly, I couldn't find any cute ones, so I bought a folder that is a nice light blue colour and decorated it a little with rainbow stickers. It contains spare paper- plain, line and grid. It also has space for other papers. Very useful!

So, those are the general items I have for school this year! Do you have any cute supplies for school? Do you like shopping for supplies? Let me know in the comments!
Have a lovely day! 


  1. This is all so cute! I just love it :D I adore stationary and this is just too adorable. :D

    1. Thank you! ^^ Yes, I managed to find quite a lot of cute things :D I love stationery too c:


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