Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn Beauty Essentials

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Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox- the air has gotten crisper, temperatures have dropped and the leaves have started to change. The end of Summer can be a very bittersweet moment- but I'm really looking forward to the new season and whatever it will bring! Along with a change of the season comes the opportunity to change up your beauty routine and try out some different products, so in this post I present to you some of the beauty items I have ready for the upcoming Autumn season!

Also, on a side note- Lilac's Journal has been around for two months now! I'm really grateful for the people I met so far through blogging and I look forward to what the future holds. As for post frequency- I will post at least once a week, unless certain circumstances do not allow me to, in which case I'll inform you through Instagram.

Without any further ado, let's just get to the beauty products I'll be using the most during Autumn! Hopefully, you can use this post as inspiration for your own Autumn essentials.

Note: I am not sponsored or endorsed by any of the companies mentioned below

Red Lipstick
Red lipstick is a bold and brave choice, but it also does have a place in sweet and innocent make-up! I rarely use red lipstick, but Autumn is a great time to do so as it beautifully complements the fiery reds of the autumn leaves. The one I use was an impulse purchase; it's the Miss Sporty perfect colour lipstick in shade 059, High red. Since I'm not an avid user of red lipstick, this certainly does the job for me- the pigment is nice and smooth, very vivid and lasts a while. So, for Autumn, choose a red lipstick that you like! Personally, I think that a red lipstick with some orange undertones is perfect for this season.

Nude and brown lipsticks
Nude and brown lipsticks are easy to work into a cute and innocent look and they also beautifully complement the array of colours created by the leaves! For nude lipsticks, go for brown-ish nudes, and for brown lipsticks- I'd say stick to softer browns for a soft and sweet look. I use a nude lipstick by Catrice- Ultimate Colour lipstick in shade 240 (Hey Nude...) and it works very well! It's affordable and I'm very happy with it, plus the shade is ideal for a sweet Autumn look.

Nude eyeshadow palette
An eyeshadow palette with shades of soft and darker brown along with cream, gold and nude shades is perfect for Autumn! Why? They're very fitting to the season! The browns and golds match the leaves whereas the cream and nude shades add a beautiful touch. Autumn is just ideal for an eye make-up look of nudes and browns! Of course, this also looks great in a soft and sweet look, especially with the use of softer browns and creams. Though using gold and darker shades of brown can also definitely work! I use the Lovely nude make-up kit. At first, I was quite skeptical because of the affordable price, but once I tried it I ended up loving it! I like the shades, they're nicely pigmented and lasting. It can be used to create a wide array of looks- from soft and natural to more dramatic.

Brown eyeliner
I never really paid attention to any eyeliner colours apart from black and white, but I decided to give brown eyeliner a shot and impulsively purchased the Wibo automatic liner in shade 11 at the drugstore. Brown is a great eyeliner colour not just for autumn, but for all the seasons- as it's more natural than black while still creating a beautiful effect. Personally, I think that brown eyeliner looks amazing with an eyeshadow look of soft browns and nudes with a touch of gold, and is a very versatile eyeliner colour! So, don't overlook brown eyeliner- give it a try, you might end up loving it!

So, this concludes my post for this year's autumn essentials! I hope this will serve as inspiration for you and that you will use them in your autumn make-up routine.
My questions to you! What are your beauty essentials for this autumn? Is there anything in this post you'd like to try? Feel free to let me know in the comments!
 Have a lovely day!


  1. Love this blogpost! In Singapore, there's only one season which is summer >< Please please make one blogpost for summer too ❤ ❤ ❤!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Ooh, hot weather all year does sound pretty tiring... for me, anything over 22 degrees celsius is too hot >-< Thank you for the suggestion- I'll try to write a summer blog post in the future! ^^


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