Sunday, 23 October 2016

10 Things I Love About Autumn

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If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember when I made a post back at the end of July with my 10 favourite things about Summer. Well, now that it's chilly outside and the leaves are vibrant hues of yellow and orange, it's about time I wrote a post like this, but this time for Autumn! So, here are my 10 favourite things about this lovely season, but before I get to it, I thought I'd quickly share some blog-related news. It's about time that I set a posting schedule, and I've decided that I'll be publishing blog posts once a week, every Sunday. While I'll try my best to stick to this schedule, if I can't make it, I'll let you all know beforehand! Sometimes, I might post more than once a week, too. Now, without any further ado, it's time for my 10 favourite things about Autumn!

  1. Long evenings- Autumn is the time of year when we transition from daylight at 8pm to sunsets at 5pm. Those longer evenings are something I look forward to, because it just goes perfectly with the colder weather; it's much cosier! As much as I love the long days of Summer, it does feel somewhat strange to have daylight at 8pm, and having earlier sunsets feels a little more... natural to me.
  2. Colours- What's Autumn without the characteristic leaves? Over the course of the season, the trees transfer from the vibrant greens of summer, to vivid shades of yellow and orange, and fiery shades of red, before turning to dull browns and falling to the ground, leaving bare branches for winter. The leaves are absolutely stunning- they create a gorgeous landscape. Today, I went out, and on the way there I couldn't stop admiring the leaves I saw!
    Source: Pexels
  3. Leaves- While we're on the topic of leaves, it's just as stunning to see the fallen leaves create a beautiful blanket on the ground. Also, they're a lot of fun! Whether it's just walking and hearing them crunch or making piles and jumping in them, Autumn leaves can be more than just something pretty! ^^
  4. Cooler weather- I love Autumn weather. At the start it's pleasantly warm, then temperatures drop gradually. I like how it's nice and cool, rather than the sometimes unbearable heat of Summer- I want to be outside more during the Autumn, because the weather is perfect for a walk or just being outside in general!
  5. Pumpkin- During Autumn, pumpkins are in season! The foods that can be made with pumpkin have a characteristic taste that brings a sense of nostalgia associated with the season. Whether it's pumpkin soup or cake, it has a distinct taste that goes perfectly with this season, and there's also the fun of pumpkin carving for Hallowe'en!
  6. Sweaters- As much as I love light Summer clothes, throughout the season I couldn't wait to wear my precious cosy sweaters again! Sweaters are warm, soft and cosy- what's not to love? Plus, there's also a wide choice of adorable designs, which makes them even more fun to wear!
  7. Hot drinks- Drinking hot drinks was yet another things I couldn't wait to do again over the Summer. Whether it's a hot cup of sweet tea or a coffee or hot chocolate, Autumn is the perfect time of year to warm up with a seasonal hot drink- such as a tea infused with cinnamon, or a coffee or hot chocolate with Autumn spices such as ginger or cinnamon.
  8. Crisp air- Doesn't Autumn air just have a distinct smell? I love the smell and feel of the crisp Autumn air- again, it's just another reason I want to be outside during the Autumn; the crisp air is something I can't get enough of!
  9. Autumn sunsets- There's something about Autumn sunsets (and sunrises too, for that matter) that just sets it apart from the other seasons- perhaps because the orange hues of sunset make the fiery trees look even more stunning?
  10. Conkers- Finally, conkers! As a child, I used to visit the park during Autumn to gather conkers- later I'd have a huge collection of them under my bed, and sometimes I'd do something with them, as there are plenty of conker crafts out there. Now, when I see children doing the same, it brings a lovely sense of nostalgia.
So, those are the ten things I love most about Autumn! Before I close off, some questions to you- what do you like the most about Autumn, and why? What are your favourite months?

 Have a lovely day!

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