Sunday, 16 October 2016

All About: Aegyo-sal

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How is everyone? I'm really enjoying Autumn so far- all the pretty leaves and cold weather, and drinking lots of hot chocolate! Autumn topics aside though, today I'll be writing about something a little different- an Asian beauty trend called Aegyo-sal! I remember seeing this look before I even knew what it was called and instantly falling in love. Even better- it's super easy to do. In fact, it only takes two steps to achieve!
 So, what exactly is Aegyo-sal? It's a Korean term, referring to the pouches of fat you can see under your eyes if you squint or smile. Aegyo-sal can also be called 'smiling eyes' or 'tear bags'. It makes the eyes look wider, more youthful and innocent! It can be achieved through the use of a special tape, make-up or even surgery.
Is there a difference between Aegyo-sal and eye bags? Tear bags are not eye bags! The main difference between the two is that eye bags are larger and sit much lower than tear bags. Tear bags are smaller and sit just under the lower eyelid. Eye bags are part of the aging process, while tear bags are naturally present and prominent in children.
How is it achieved? Aegyo-sal can be easily achieved through the use of the right make-up! Thankfully, there's no need to get surgery to achieve this adorable look. In fact, keep reading and see for yourself just how easy it is!
You will need:
  • An eyeshadow a few shades darker than your natural skin tone- a shade of brown. A brown eyeliner pencil could also work, given that you blend it out properly. I'm using the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette.
  • A highlighter shade; I'm using the Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen, in shade 010 (Eye Like!)
  • The right tools! I'd suggest an eyeshadow blending brush and a slanted eyeliner blush. I'm using the Sephora brand triple brush wand.
  1. Squint your eyes to see your natural Aegyo-sal. Using the highlighter shade, draw along that, blending out the harsh edges with a blending brush to ensure a more natural look.

  2. Finally, use the brown shade and draw just under the highlight, to accentuate it. Again, blend out the harsh edges. For this, I used the slanted eyeliner brush, then blended it out for a softer and more natural look.
Now, you're done! Yes, it is that easy to achieve Aegyo-sal, meaning cuter, wider, larger and more youthful eyes! 
Here's how it looks! Of course, you can adjust it according to your preferences. Since this was a more natural look, I decided to make my Aegyo-sal smaller, though of course you can make it larger! Experiment, and see what works for you.
My questions to you now are: have you ever tried Aegyo-sal? Do you like how it looks? Or are you yet to try it? Let me know in the comments below and...

Have a lovely day!

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