Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Morning Routine! *~

Hello! ♡
I've seen lots of morning routine videos- they are a very popular video topic. While morning routine blog posts do exist, they are much less common than the video versions- so I wanted to write my own morning routine post! I saw some people who have different morning routines for each season; but I'm not exactly one of those people... though if that ever changes, I'll be sure to write a post for that, too! Anyway, without any more rambling, let's just get to my general morning routine for school.

I wake up at 6.45am. Or, at least, I'm supposed to. More often than not, I take the huge risk of sleeping for just five more minutes, which comes with a risk of sleeping for another hour. This is especially true in the winter, because my room is so cold and my bed is so warm and comfortable- I keep forgetting to heat my room at night >->
On Tuesdays I wake up at 7.40am because I start school later, so yay for an extra hour of sleep!

Once I get myself out of bed, I walk over to the bathroom and splash my face with cold water. This is very helpful for waking me up and helps me to open my eyes, and is also very refreshing. After patting my face dry with a towel, I get dressed. In the winter, I like to hang my clothes on the radiator the night before so they're nice and warm.

Once I'm dressed, I make another trip to the bathroom and moisturise my face. This is also very refreshing and feels amazing on the skin! The moisturiser I currently use is Nivea Soft and has Vitamin E and jojoba oil. Before putting the cream on my face, I mix in some sunscreen too. In the colder seasons it is SPF 15, in the warmer ones it is SPF 30-50. I might get a moisturiser with SPF already in it once this one runs out to save me the pain of mixing it every day...

Then I go to the kitchen, and, in the winter, I put some milk in a small pot and heat it over the stove. Then I go to the bathroom again and brush my hair properly, even though by the time I get to school it usually looks like I haven't brushed it at all and I have to clean it up again with a small brush >-> If I have the time, I straighten my hair too.

After that I go back to the kitchen and make and eat breakfast. 99% of the time this is just cereal and milk with a cup of green tea. If I have time sometimes my breakfast is something different, but usually it's just cereal as it's fast, easy and keeps me full for a few hours, though I tend to make myself small portions >->

Once I've eaten, I return to my room and grab my bag, which SHOULD be packed the night before but I can't always trust myself. I check if I have my purse and phone and money, put on my coat and shoes, then leave the house and get the bus for school hoping I haven't forgotten anything.

So, here's my morning routine for school! I tried to make this post as entertaining as possible, but my sense of humour isn't getting any better...
Anyway, see you all next week in a new post! It'll be December then, so I'll begin with the Christmas posts. What kinds of Christmas posts would you like to see? Is your morning routine similar to mine? Do you wake up earlier or later than me, and how much time do you need to get ready? Let me know in the comments, and as usual....
 Have a lovely day!


  1. Omg I wake up at 6.45am too!! How I wish I can experience winter mornings though.. >.< please do a Christmas fashion post ^_−☆

    1. I love winter mornings as long as my radiator is turned on haha ^-^
      A Christmas fashion post is such a great idea, I'll most likely publish it next week c:


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