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Review: Vassen Cloud Nine Blue Circle Lenses ♡ (PinkyParadise)

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Circle lenses are, for me, an important part of my kawaii makeup. They come in a wide range of designs, colours and effects- but they have to be used with care. I plan to post a guide to circle lenses in general in the future, but if you have never worn contact lenses before, please go to an eye doctor to see if you can wear contact lenses, and get a copy of your prescription, which will tell you the measurements you'll need to get. The most important of those is the base curve, because if you get the wrong one, the lens will be too tight or too loose, which can result in eye injuries. Please take great care with using circle lenses and take all hygiene precautions, and don't forget to get eye checkups! If you take care, circle lenses are fun and safe to use; if you don't, then you risk eye injuries, infections, and even blindness!

Now that's done, let's get to the actual review! This pair is my second pair of lenses, and I ordered it from PinkyParadise. PinkyParadise is the biggest and most popular online store selling circle lenses, and I have only had positive experiences with them. The lenses I ordered were Vassen Cloud Nine Blue. Below are the lens specifications ^^

Brand: Vassen
Colour: Blue
Diameter: 14.5/15.0mm (you can specify which diameter you want)
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: Dispose of within 1 year
Prescription Range: -0.00 (plano) to -10.00
Cost: $23.90 per pair

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PinkyParadise Review:
  • Shipping: Despite using the cheapest shipping available, my order arrived quite quickly (11 days after I placed the order) and safely packaged. I'm very happy with PinkyParadise shipping ^^
  • Service: PinkyParadise has great customer service! When I ordered my first pair in December 2015, I made an error with my address. I noticed it quickly and emailed them if it could be changed, and I received a quick response and resolved the issue ^^
  • Variety: PinkyParadise boasts a wide variety of lenses and beauty products, meaning there's so much to choose from and there's something for everyone! From what I've seen, however, they don't really restock that often. 
  • Prices: PinkyParadise has fair prices, with quite frequent offers, which is really nice! The prices are not marked up, nor are they so cheap that they are suspicious.
  • Reliability: You can rely on PinkyParadise to purchase authentic, high quality circle lenses from the best Korean brands. PinkyParadise has been up since 2006, and they are the most reputable lenses seller out there, with plenty of positive reviews.
Circle Lenses Review:

Short Review-
Natural Eye colour: Hazel
Enlargement:  5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Colour: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Longer Review-
The lenses are very comfortable- so much, that after a while I couldn't even feel them in my eyes! I find that this is the case with circle lenses in general, sometimes being even more comfortable than my regular contacts! They seem to be made with a more gentle material, and circle lenses from the big, authentic brands (Geo, EOS, Vassen, etc.) tend to be very high quality. The lenses have a lovely, dreamy design- if you look closely, it kind of looks like flower petals! The limbal ring is also quite unique- it's thick and black and solid, but it also has 'teeth' which make it look more natural. The flower petal design means that the lenses blend into your natural eye colour nicely. The colour is very gorgeous and vivid- a beautiful bright blue, that is very vivid in sunlight, and a beautiful, deeper azure colour indoors. The effect of the lenses makes my eyes look much larger, and doll-like. Overall, those lenses score a perfect 5/5! ♥

Close-up image, without makeup;

Close-up image, without lenses or makeup;

Worn picture, with makeup:

I hope you found my review for this pair of lens informative and helpful! Have you ever worn circle lenses? What is your favourite pair? Do you want to try them out? Have any questions about them? Let me know in the comments below!
 Have a lovely day!

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