Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sheer Blouses in Lolita Fashion?

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Sheer blouses in Lolita fashion are a controversial topic because Lolita fashion is all about the modesty- and sheer clothing isn't exactly modest. I was inspired to write this post when I went thrifting and found this ADORABLE blouse that could easily be worn with Lolita, and it had short sleeves- I needed a short sleeved blouse. Without hesitation, I bought it. After washing it, I tried it on and saw that it was sheer! (I somehow didn't see this at first... .-.) I panicked and thought... how on earth would I coordinate this? What if I wanted to wear it with a skirt? Would I get called an Ita? So, I quickly researched the topic and found lots of lovely coords with sheer blouses, and lots of gorgeous sheer blouses from the big brands- that was a huge relief knowing that it could be done. Sheer blouses are actually very cute and elegant, and can be worn in pretty much every Lolita style.

Wearing a sheer blouse with a JSK is easy- no need to put anything under, as the bodice of the JSK is covering everything. But, with a skirt, it gets harder. The solution is simple- wear a vest under it! But what colour? You have two options- match the colour of the blouse (best done with white and black blouses, which are almost always used, but with other colours this works too! Of course, no need to be an exact match), or you can use a nude colour that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. This is all down to personal preference! I prefer to use a vest matching the blouse's colour.

What if it's hot, though? Honestly- there's hardly any difference with a vest underneath. I haven't felt any hotter when wearing a vest underneath my sheer blouse, so the heat shouldn't be a problem.

A simple Google search will get you so many beautiful coords ranging from Gothic to Sweet that you can use for inspiration.
Below is my own (sweet with a hint of classic) strawberry themed coord featuring the blouse, as well as accessories from my shop (the necklace has been sold, but the bracelet is still available! Just click here), then a picture of me wearing it with a white vest underneath. Very cute, right?  (Excuse the less than perfect background)
It's more sheer than it looks... that's why I didn't see it was sheer in the store!

I hope this post has helped you out if you have a sheer blouse you're not sure if you can use, or don't know how to coordinate. Do you have any sheer blouses? Are you perhaps planning to buy one after seeing this post?
Have a lovely day!

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