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Lolita Basics 4: Mistakes To Avoid

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Welcome to part 4 of Lolita Basics! Last week, we covered building a basic lolita wardrobe. This week, we will talk about the mistakes that new lolitas often make as well as other errors that even more experienced lolitas are prone to. Basically, this week we are talking about avoiding being an ita*. Let's begin!

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*Ita: An insult used in the lolita community to describe a really bad lolita. Derived from the Japanese word 'itai', which means ouch. Basically, a lolita so bad that it hurts to look at. Ouch.

Of course, lolita fashion is a learning process. Every Lolita starts out with some ita coords, though at first we may think we look great. But that's okay! We all start somewhere and learning and exploring is part of the fun! It's okay to make mistakes- after all, learn from your mistakes.  Don't believe me? Look at my first 'coord'... (I am gonna regret posting this)

I was also wearing plain white ballet flats, but you can't see them here. No blouse, wig isn't the worst but it doesn't really match this JSK, no petticoat (though this dress has a built-in one, so I can kiiiinda be forgiven?) and the shoes don't match. On the plus side, the JSK is quite cute (I still have it, but I can coord it a lot better now) and the head bow matches. So yay for me. Also, I was an ugly 13 year old.

Now, here's one of my more recent coords (not the most recent, but recent). It's more of a country-sweet look, and leaning towards casual (not that I don't love OTT sweet anymore!), with a strawberry theme because strawberries are life okay. The shoes just don't match, but as soon as my white shoes arrive, I will redo this coord with them. My petticoat was being weird too. I'm also wearing matching accessories- the strawberry necklace and bracelet set from my shop!

Oops, I'm rambling again. Typical me. So, what are the biggest mistakes made by Lolitas?

  1. NOT WEARING A DAMN PETTICOAT. Wear a petticoat. Without a petticoat, it might be Otome-Kei, or a cute dress, or Yume Kawaii- any style that the dress might be, but not lolita. What makes lolita lolita is the length, modesty and distinctive silhouette that you achieve with a petticoat. Where you get the petticoat or how much it cost or what colour it is doesn't matter as long as you get the shape. I discussed in part 3 where you can get good petticoats ^^ Also remember that petticoats are considered undergarments and shouldn't peek out through your skirt. That's scandalous.
  2. Wearing a JSK alone. When wearing a JSK you need to have either a blouse under it or a cardigan/bolero over it (or even both sometimes). As you can see in the cringe-inducing picture of my first 'co-ord', I made this mistake. Don't be like me. Wear something with a JSK. SOMETIMES, you can get away with wearing a JSK alone. But only sometimes. Like, if it's extremely hot and you can pull it off. 
  3. CAT EARS Cat ears, and animal ears in general, have a cosplay look to them. It's best not to wear them, especially when you're starting out in Lolita. However, animal ears can be worked into outfits with animal prints, but apart from that, stay away from them. You'll look like an ita weeb.
  4. Crappy/ Excessive Lace Yes, lace is important in lolita. But how much is too much? And remember that quality matters too. Dresses that have lace everywhere are called lace monsters. Sometimes you can get away with a dress with lots of lace but it must be good quality and done right. The worst offenders are black dresses with lots of white lace, as that has an ita anime meido look to it. If you want to wear black x white, the white lace must be good quality, in the right places and not in excessive amounts. Cheap lace is a no-no! Soft and pretty lace is a yes-yes.
  5. Satin and shiny fabrics You know the cheap-ass shiny satin costumes you see around Halloween? Yes... that's a definite no-no in Lolita, especially since it's a fashion where quality matters. Stay away from shiny dresses. Yes, shiny things are nice, but when dresses are shiny enough to blind you... 
  6. TOO MUCH SKIN Remember in part 1 when I mentioned that Ero lolita has a bit more leeway for showing skin? Even when wearing Ero, this does not mean you can show your shoulders, cleavage or butt. I know this sounds like a school dress code, but this is a modest fashion. Take it or leave it. Of course you can put your own spin on lolita and show more skin if you want to, but don't call it lolita! Anyways. No shoulders. Skirts can be maximum 3 inches above your knees. No cleavage either (no lolita blouses are low-cut enough to show any though). Ankle socks are fine though, so don't stress about that and go out in 40 degrees celsius weather wearing OTKs.
  7. Mismatching hair and make-up Hair and make-up are important too! Of course, fancy and pastel twin tail wigs aren't a must. Sure, pastel wigs can look great in sweet/ OTT sweet coords, but a lot of the time, natural wigs and natural hair are just fine! Just make sure to take care of it and it doesn't look like you haven't washed it for 2 weeks. If your hair is dyed, say, green and you want to wear classic then I'd suggest wearing a natural wig in a colour such as blonde or brown. If your hair is a natural colour then a wig isn't a must ^^ You can just wear your hair down and add some accessories or in a cute style. It's up to you! As for make-up, especially in gothic lolita, don't overdo it with white face paint and black lips as that looks cheap and bad. Make sure your make-up is done well, avoid looking like a clown and try to go for a more natural style.

There we go! Seven common mistakes of new lolitas. Just like seven deadly sins. What a coincidence. 
Of course, if you want to wear an AP JSK with cat ears- go ahead! If you love maid dresses, wear them! Just don't label it as lolita as you'll likely be called an ita. You'll also make it confusing for beginners, making it harder for them to tell what's lolita and what isn't. 

QUESTION: Which mistakes have you made as a new lolita? Are they on the list? 
Let me know in the comments, and...

 Have a lovely day!

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