My name is Weronika, and I live in Poland. I spent most of my life in London. I aim to start a business one day, based on what I love.

I love writing, which is the reason I chose to write this blog! I have a passion for Japanese culture, beauty, Japanese fashion and cute things, which is what this blog is about. I aim to share my passion and knowledge with you, in the hopes that you will find this blog interesting and fun to read.
I put plenty of effort and care into each post, making sure that every post is enjoyable, useful and unique.

I believe the phrase "do what you love" is very important and I hope this blog encourages you and my readers to do what they love most, without fear of being judged by society.

The main aims of my blog are to provide posts that are interesting and informative, to spread happiness to you and my readers and to encourage you to do what you love!

Hopefully, when you visit Lilac's Journal, you will laugh, smile or feel inspired!

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