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Privacy Policy
"Lilac's Journal" does not share with third parties any of your personal information nor does it store information about your visit, with the exception of browser cookies which are used to help analyze and optimize your content and reading experience.

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I am also not responsible for any republished content from this blog found elsewhere without my permission.

This privacy policy can change at any time. It was last updated on 22nd July 2016, and last reviewed on 5th April 2017.

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Last updated: 5th April 2017
Last reviewed: ---

"Lilac's Journal" cannot be held liable in the event of something going wrong as a result of relying on my blog's content and information. Please use the information on "Lilac's Journal" with common sense. I try to make sure my information is as accurate and reliable as possible, however please bear in mind that there are no guarantees the information is 100% accurate, reliable or complete. "Lilac's Journal" has information on Japanese fashion, beauty, recipes, DIY projects and Japanese culture. Being a blog, new content is frequently added. It also includes my own opinions and everything is written to the best of my knowledge and ability, with thorough research, but there may still be errors. I am not a professional so please do not take any information as professional advice. I reserve the right to change how this blog is run.

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